Find out more about what we look for when applying for an internship, our application process for an internship, frequently asked questions from past applicants and the application form to apply for an internship through Pave.

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What We Look For

We are looking for individuals with more than just academic potential. There are certain qualities you’ll need if you’re going to succeed on any of our internships. Above all else, there are four core competencies we look for:

Career motivation

To comprehend your chosen industry including, the skills to succeed in your industry, to seize opportunities and to demonstrate passion for working in that industry.


To have a positive mindset and stay focused when taking on challenges and handling pressure. To overcome obstacles and learn constantly from those experiences to develop into a stronger, more resilient professional.


To communicate effectively and form relationships with colleagues and clients through listening attentively to others’ views and conveying your ideas clearly and concisely.

Global outlook

To learn from and adapt to working with colleagues and clients in a distinct international culture.

Application Process

For all our internship opportunities, we’ve designed the selection process to ensure we can place you into a company that is the right fit for you.

Online Application

Once you’ve researched the various Internships we offer, you can apply for an internship through the Application Form, which can be found either on the internship post or above. The online Application Form will enable you to tell us about yourself, your education, experience and career motivation. We will screen your application and if you are successful, you will be invited to a telephone interview.



The telephone interview is designed for us to find out more about you. You will be able to demonstrate your competencies and motivation to gaining international work experience and joining one of the Pave internships. This information is vital in determining whether you’re the right fit for one of our partner companies.

Receive Offer

You should hear back from us within 5 working days of your interview. If successful, you will receive an offer to join an internship in your chosen sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pave team have put together this section of Frequently Asked Questions based on the questions/enquiries applicants have had in the past.

Application Process

Who may apply for a Pave internship?
We welcome all applicants of any nationality who are students or graduates looking to gain a bespoke internship to develop personally and professionally.

Is there an application process?
Please refer to our Application Process page for information to apply.

When should I apply?
Our internships run all year. As a rule of thumb, we suggest applying at least three months before your internship start date. This will give the Pave team adequate time to sort out the logistics of your internship should you be accepted.

When should I expect to hear back after submitting my online application?
You will hear back from us within five working days of submitting your online application.

Am I required to travel for my interview?
We usually conduct a telephone or Skype interview however, we will let you know in advance if a face-to-face interview is required.

Will I have to interview with the partner organisation in India?
In the event of a further interview with the partner organisation, we shall inform you with reasonable time to prepare.

If I am unsuccessful, may I re-apply?
You are welcome to re-apply if unsuccessful the first time but only in the year following your initial application.

Visa Processing

Do I make my own arrangements to obtain a visa to India?
No, we take away the difficulty and hassle from you by processing the visa application on your behalf. It is important to obtain the correct visa to legally intern in India, which requires approval letters from Pave and invitation letters from authorities in India.

What information do I need to provide for a visa to India as a UK applicant?
If your application is successful, you will receive specific information on what to provide us so we can process your visa as a UK applicant.

What information do I need to provide for a visa to India as a non-EU applicant?
If your application is successful, you will receive specific information on what to provide us so we can process your visa as a non-EU applicant.

What is the visa process if I have a PIO / OCI card?
If your application is successful, you will receive more information about the visa process as a PIO or OCI cardholder.

How long does the visa application process take?
Depending on an array of factors, we aim to have your visa ready well before you intend to travel.

Is there a fee to obtain a visa to India?
Depending on your application you may have to pay the consular fee to the Indian High Commission to obtain the correct visa to India.

Flights & Travel

How long is my flight? 
A direct flight from the UK takes approximately 9 hours.

Can I arrive earlier than my internship start date?
Yes, once we’ve confirmed your place on an internship please let us know well in advance any alternative options you wish to make to your travel arrangements.

Can I leave later than my internship end date?
Yes, once we’ve confirmed your place on an internship please let us know well in advance any alternative options you wish to make to your travel arrangements.

What happens when I land at the airport in India?
On arrival, we will have transportation waiting for you at the arrivals gate to take you directly to your accommodation.

How will I travel to my office on the first day of work?
We will arrange transportation for you on your first day, after which, you will travel independently to and from work for the rest of your internship. We will provide you with information so that you learn how to use the local system of transportation in order to travel to-and-from work.


Where will I live in India?
You will live in modern and comfortable serviced hotel apartments, which is conveniently located near to the city centre and your workplace.

Is accommodation provided throughout my internship?
Yes, your accommodation is provided for the entire duration of your internship.

Who will I live with?
Depending on the number of interns at any given month, you will either have your own hotel apartment or be allocated with fellow interns.

Do I have Internet access at the accommodation?
Yes, accommodation is equipped with Wi-Fi.


Do I need to take out insurance?
Yes, it is a priority to take out travel and medical insurance from a trusted insurance provider. We are happy to provide as much support to help you find the right policy so just ask!

What does my insurance cover?
You should take out insurance that covers essential travel and medical expenses in India for the entire duration of your stay in India.

Does the insurance cover me if I have a health condition?
The insurance we provide covers the essentials. If you have special requirements or health conditions we suggest that you make arrangements to get the extra coverage required.


Why should I go on an internship arranged by Pave?
Going on an internship with Pave means you intern with one of our reputed partner organisations whether multinational, private or state-owned companies that are committed to providing you with an experience tailored to your career aspirations and desired skills acquisition. Having spent a long time cementing relationships and working with our partner organisations in India, we know you will be part of a value adding internship.

Further, the Pave internship means our team will organise and book your logistics including accommodation and travel/visa support prior to you jetting off to India on your internship.

Our Pave team will settle you in and deliver a full day’s workshop including, business and cultural training before your internship begins to help orient you and make you feel comfortable from the get-go.

Finally, the Pave team will organise excursions to attend current social and cultural events in India which help to enrich your experience outside of the workplace and create lasting memories!

How long can my internship last?
Internships are usually for 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. However, we do offer some internships for more than 4 months. Please either check our Internships page or Contact Us to find out more.

Can I extend my internship?
Although there is no guarantee, it may be possible if you give us advanced notice.

What tasks am I expected to do on my internship?
Please refer to our Internships page to find out the type of work you will do specific to the internship sector you have chosen.

Can my friend and I be placed in the same city?
We can work to place you and your friend on an internship in the same city.

Which company will I work for?
Pave has a good network of partner organisations across a number of sectors. These organisations are well known as multinational, private or public-owned companies as well as successful and established Indian social enterprises and not for profits. You can choose an internship from our current vacancy listings on our Internships page suited to you that will give you the most relevant and worthwhile experience.

When do I find out the company I will work for?
Once you are accepted onto an internship and paid your deposit, we will provide you with any necessary company details.

Is there a possibility of permanent employment upon completion of my internship?
We can’t make any promises but it has been the case that if an employer is particularly impressed by you and is looking for a permanent employee then the opportunity may present itself.

What will be my working hours?
Your working hours will depend on the company you intern with. Most companies follow the conventional 5-day week schedule starting at 9am to 6pm.

Do I have a supervisor at the company I intern with?
Yes, the internship structure ensures that you have a direct supervisor at your workplace who speaks fluent English.

Will I have any free time?
Yes, your evenings during the weekday will be free as well as having free time on weekends.

Prices & Payment

How much does it cost to go on an internship?
Please refer to our Prices & Payment page for more information on fees. Please note that all our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Are there any other costs?
Whilst we will process your visa at no extra cost, you are expected to pay the standard consular fee set by the Indian authorities to obtain your Indian visa from the Visa Application Centre.

Food and any additional traveling you choose to do pre or post-internship and on weekends that have not been arranged by us will be out-of-pocket expenses. Gift shopping, souvenirs, etc and other non-essential living costs will also come out of pocket.

What is my payment process?
Upon being accepted onto a Pave internship, a £300 deposit must be paid within 5 working days to secure your place.

The remaining balance of the internship fee must be paid within 30 days of the deposit payment.

In any event, please ensure that you have read our Terms of Business before making a payment for your internship.

How can I pay for my internship?
There are a number of safe and secure methods to make payment for your internship. The most common methods include, internet banking or a by direct bank transfer.

How can I get help to fund my trip?
We want all applicants to benefit from our internships and that’s why our pricing is so competitively positioned for investing in your future. To speak with a Pave expert for advice on funding, please find our details on our Contact Us page and give us a call.

Does Pave offer scholarships?
Yes, we welcome any accepted intern who wishes to apply for a scholarship to check out our Scholarships page for more information. In addition, we hold exciting competitions in the year designed by our Pave team. To find out more please refer to our Competitions page.


Will my colleagues speak English?
Yes, all of your colleagues and your supervisor will speak fluent English.

Is English widely used in India?
English is one of the two official languages set by the Indian government and is spoken in most parts of India especially in the cities that you will be interning in. Also, we are sure that you will learn and use some Hindi (the other official language) whilst interning.

What is the best mode of transport to travel around the city?
Depending on your placement city there are a variety of modes of transport including: taxis, auto-rickshaws, and trains. Using taxis is certainly the safest way to travel around the city and is relatively inexpensive.

What amount will I need to cover the cost of living while in India?
Generally, eating out in India is a sizzling-hot value, with budget restaurant meals for as little as 40 pence or suave urban restaurants around £4.

Travel is relatively inexpensive depending on the mode of public transport you take, and in relation to sightseeing, some tourist sites are free whilst others may charge an entrance fee.

It’s impossible to arrive on one neat figure however, we suggest a daily budget of at least £5 (Rs500) during the week and £15 (Rs1500) for weekends. If you want more information about the cost of living in India please Contact Us.

Is India safe for me to intern?
The cities of India are as safe as most major cities anywhere in the world. Use common sense precautions: be aware of your surroundings; secure your belongings; and carry your money in an inside pocket. Pickpockets are especially prevalent in crowded areas and on the trains.

If I encounter any problems in India who should I contact?
In the event you encounter any problems, please contact the Pave team in India immediately. You can find a list of emergency contact details in your welcome pack and we recommend that you save these numbers on your phone.

Do I need to get vaccinations before travelling to India?
We recommend you consult your doctor (ideally 4-6 weeks) before travelling to get vaccines you may need. Some vaccines may include Hepatitis, Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus and Japanese Encephalitis.

How am I expected to dress for work?
Each workplace varies with its dress code. However, please ensure you bring business attire for your internship and suitable casual clothes.

What is the weather like in India?
The weather of India varies depending, which month you are interning. Our internships are based in cities that do not experience extreme climatic conditions and the average temperature oscillates between 27 – 34 degrees. Please refer to the Brief Guide To India page to find out more about the climate and weather in your placement city.

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