Internship Package

We understand that you need to keep your costs to a minimum and maximise your time pre-departure as well as during your internship in India. That’s why we have designed the internship package with you in mind. Please check out What’s Included for a breakdown of the internship package.

Our internships are priced dependent on length and to allow flexibility we offer internship placements throughout the year. Please check out Prices & Payment for more information on internship fees and payment methods.

What's Included

Pave provides a fully inclusive package so while you are preparing to jet off and maximise every opportunity in India, you do not have to worry about any of the logistics.

Internship Program

The Pave team works hard to build partnerships with the best companies in India to ensure you have a rewarding internship experience. We have a careful selection process upon which we judge companies. This helps you rest assured that you will be placed at a trusted company, established and respected within their field.

A Pave internship program maximises your capacity to develop professional skills in your sector through your assigned work. From immersing yourself with a practical experience and taking on responsibilities, you will gain a sense of profound satisfaction knowing that you are adding real value to your organisation. Having the experience of working internationally in varied professional environments allows you to set yourself apart from your peers when entering the job market.

An internship with Pave is a comprehensive package taking away further costs and hassle.


To give you a true feel for what it is like living in an international professional environment on your internship, we arrange for you to stay in clean, comfortable and modern serviced apartments or hotels with fellow Pave interns whenever possible.

Living with other interns allows you to make new friends and interact with each other in your free time from dinner plans to exploring the city.

Your hotel apartment is allocated by gender and is comprised of two to three private bedrooms, bathroom, spacious communal living room and kitchen.

Travel & Visa Support

Travel Support

Taking on board that your time and money is precious, our team can assist you with finding the best deals on return flights to India.

Visa Support

In order to intern in India you must have the correct type of visa.

Based on our experience, this can be a tricky and somewhat lengthy procedure so we simplify it by processing the visa application on your behalf.

We gather the relevant information from you via a simple form, organise the paperwork and process your application with the Indian authorities. We have a system in place that ensures your visa is processed with efficiency.


It is important that you have insurance during your internship. We provide support to help you find essential travel and health insurance. It is important your insurance covers any cancellation or postponement of your flights as well as the unlikely event you require emergency medical services in India.

If you have any questions about an insurance policy or additional extras, just ask us.

Arrival & Induction

Arriving in India is exciting. With the added thrill of starting your journey, we want you to have the best welcome possible.


When you land in India there will be an airport transfer waiting to take you directly to your accommodation.

On arrival at your accommodation site, you are given your welcome packs, which include maps, information about your internship provider, information on local amenities and sights, an induction training pack and a local SIM card.

Please ensure you take an unlocked Android or Apple phone to India so it can support the local SIM card you will be supplied with for the duration of your internship. We recommend an Android or Apple smartphone that supports apps such as Uber, Google Maps, Ola and so on.


The Pave team runs a full day induction workshop in India prior to your internship that we believe to be vital for an intern to settle in quickly. Here, you are given comprehensive training from our experienced team about your new city: from local knowledge and the hotspots to business etiquettes and cultural training.


On your first day at work we escort you from your accommodation to your respective workplace.

In your welcome pack, we provide detailed information about traveling around your interning city so you are familiar before arriving into India. Once in India, your programme co-ordinator on the ground will show you how to use the local system of transportation to travel in and around your interning city. Traveling around India is a thrilling experience and past interns try the variety of public transport available in India. We encourage you to do the same and in no time, you will find your preferred method of commuting on a day-to-day basis.

24/7 Safety, Security & Support

It is our priority to ensure you have a rewarding and safe internship in India. In doing so, please know you can contact us any time (24 hours-a-day) for any assistance or advice.

We are here to give you all the support you need and happy for you to update us on how things are going.

The welcome packs we provide are full of useful information including, a comprehensive list of restaurants, shops and some Hindi "survival phrases" to get you started.

Social & Cultural Events

We know that on the weekends and in your free time you will be keen to get out and explore your city and everything India has to offer.

We organise an exciting range of social and cultural events that showcase the sights, smells and delicacies that India's rich culture has to offer.

Depending on your location, and the season, we put on events such as visits to national sightseeing attractions, trips to India's famous golden sandy beaches, boat rides through scenic lakes, outings to traditional dance and music shows, and visits to some of the largest water theme parks and national parks in India.

We also host a banquet that allows you to come together and enjoy a traditional Indian feast.

Alumni Community

Your Pave journey does not stop at the end of your internship. You are automatically entitled to become part of the Pave alumni community.

As part of this community, you have access to exclusive networking events, alumni functions and other social events all focused on creating a platform to build relationships and networks to help you on your pathway.

We are committed to growing the Pave alumni community so that in years to come you will become the inspiration for future Pavers.

To find out about upcoming events please check out our Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn.

Prices & Payment


The pricing table below outlines the cost of a fully inclusive internship dependent on 1 to 4 months in India. To find out more information about the internship package please refer to the What’s Included page.

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months
Description Your selected one month internship provides a structured role with a range of responsibilities to gain good international work experience, develop personally and professionally and get a flavour of India and the culture. Your selected two month internship provides a structured role with a range of responsibilities to gain good international work experience, develop personally and professionally and explore what India and its culture has to offer. Your selected three months internship provides a structured role with a range of responsibilities to gain good international work experience and develop personally and professionally. Further, a three-month internship will enable a practical understanding of the job role and career field, relationship building with colleagues and a valuable insight into the distinct Indian culture and practices. Your selected four months internship provides a structured role with a range of responsibilities to gain good international work experience and develop personally and professionally. A four-month internship will enable a well-rounded, thorough and practical understanding of the job role and career field, development of long-lasting relationships with colleagues and integration into the distinct Indian culture and practices.
Visa Processing
Personal Insurance Support
Airport Pick Up
Indian SIM Card
Comprehensive Welcome Pack
Full Day Induction Workshop
First Day Commuting Expenses
24/7 Emergency Support
Social & Cultural Events
Alumni Community Membership


If you receive an offer for an internship, a £300 deposit must be paid within 5 working days to secure your place. The remaining balance of the internship fee must be paid within 30 days of the deposit payment. We are able to accommodate a number of payment options such as, Internet banking and direct bank transfer. Contact Us at the time of payment so we can arrange for your preferred payment method (if contacting us by e-mail or form please subject ‘Payment Options’).

Please note that the internship cost excludes the visa consulate fee payable to the Indian High Commission. In any event, please ensure that you have read our Terms of Business before making a payment for your internship.

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