Here parents will find a great deal of information on what to expect of their child’s experience with Pave: pre-departure, during the internship itself, and after they return home. While we hope that this section will provide answers to most of your questions we are also happy to answer any other questions that might arise throughout the process. Please Contact Us to speak to a Pave staff member.

Information for Parents

We intend to give parents a succinct understanding of our internship process, how to get involved and what to expect should you wish to send your child on an internship with Pave.


Selection Process: your child is required to complete our online application process, which will be screened by Pave staff to ascertain if they are the right fit for the internship chosen. If successful, he/she will proceed through to the interview stage with a member of staff from Pave. If they are approved for the internship program their applications materials will be sent to our partner organisations in India for a final review. Once selected as a Pave intern, your child will receive as much support as possible from our team to help them prepare for their trip to India. To find out more about our application process, please refer to the Apply page.

Orientation: all Pave interns will go through a pre-departure orientation with our staff. Interns will also have a telephone call with our staff based in India who will be able to answer real-time questions regarding life, weather and work in the country.

Payments: interns must submit their initial deposit within 5 working days of having been accepted onto a Pave internship to secure their place. The remaining payment is due 30 days of the deposit and must be paid in full before your child embarks on his/her internship. Please review our Prices & Payment section to find out more about internship program fees.


It is helpful for parents to get involved in assisting their child prepare for all of their pre-departure materials. We have compiled the following checklist of things to keep in mind while preparing for your child’s departure.

Doctors Visit: please make sure that your child receives the necessary shots and medications for travel to India.

Visa: we will require your child’s passport and 2 visa photos for visa processing once he/she has secured a place onto the internship program. It is important to note that visa sized photos (2” by 2”) are bigger than passport sized photos. Also, your child will be required to scan or post a signed copy of the completed forms that we will send across to him/her to obtain the correct visa.

Passport: please ensure that your child has a passport with two blank pages and is valid for 6 months past the departure date. If not, help them to secure a valid passport before departure in time.

Packing: your child will receive a comprehensive packing guide upon acceptance into the program but it is important to remember any necessary personal items that are pertinent to your child’s health and wellbeing, such as prescriptions, prescriptive glasses and branded toiletries.

Flights: Once their flight has been booked please ensure that they have sent Pave a copy of their itinerary at the earliest so that we can arrange airport pick up for them in India.

In India

Arrival: your child will be met at the airport by our Pave staff in India and will be taken to their home. The day they arrive we will arrange a welcome evening so that interns can get to know each other and our staff in a social setting.

In-Country Orientation: the day after interns arrive Pave hosts an in-country orientation where interns are given further information on Indian business ethos, customs, culture, cuisine, language and details that will help orient them to their new city. Pave helps interns feel comfortable in their new environment from day one!

Commuting: Pave staff ensures that all of our interns are accompanied to work on their first day so that they can learn the route of transit. We feel that this is essential as the Indian transportation system can be somewhat tricky without prior experience. After the first day, interns will be able to get around their city easily with a thorough understanding of how to purchase train tickets, catch a taxi, ride the bus or hail a rickshaw.

After the Program

Arriving Home: returning from abroad can often be quite difficult as your child will be readjusting to life at home and processing everything that they have experienced in India. This is a normal process that might set in right away upon arrival or a few months later. Pave is happy to provide support during this period through re-entry materials and coaching which our in-country staff provides interns before they leave India. Additionally, our staff is always available for a phone call and to help with literature or further suggestions that will help your child re-adjust to life at home.

Alumni Network: we host events for our interns once they return from India so that they can keep in touch with one another, hear from industry experts and begin the life-long journey of being Pavers!


Health in India

Please find important information and our suggestions to guarantee your child’s well-being during and post an internship in India.

Pre-Departure: it is important to consult a physician before embarking on a trip to India. We recommend visiting a travel physician who is familiar with the Indian subcontinent and will be able to properly advise you of the health hazards of traveling here. In order to visit the country you may need vaccinations and prescription medications. While medications are readily available in the country and relatively inexpensive, in any event, it is good to carry a supply of medication that your physician recommends that will last the duration of your stay in India.

In India: high-quality medical facilities, doctors, and medications are readily available in India and generally speaking are more affordable. Local doctors are extremely well equipped to help you overcome any illness you may pick up during your stay in the country. Pave will provide you with information upon arrival to help orient you to the nearest hospital, clinics, and doctors.

Arriving Home: it is a good idea to get another routine physical check-up once you have returned from India. This helps insure prevent any prolonged health issues from maladies you may have contracted.


Safety & Security in India

Your child’s safety in India is our priority so please note the steps we take to ensure he/she has maximum comfort and security in his/her placement city.

Safety In Your Placement City: all our placements cities are very safe and comfortable to live in. We took great care in selecting the cities we place our interns in to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and enjoyment! These cities are large metropolises that are uniquely Indian yet contain all the comforts of the Western world from Western restaurants to state-of-the-art hospitals.

24/7 Support: Pave provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all applicants and interns.

Prior to your child departing for their internship, our staff will help answer any questions or concerns and provide you and your child with the support necessary to ensure a smooth trip to India.

During your child’s stay in India our in-country staff are always available and nearby. Our staff is just a phone call away well equipped to handle any situations that may arise. Additionally, interns will be paired with counterparts at their offices who will also be available in case of an emergency.

Serviced Accommodation: interns are placed in serviced apartments that are fully equipped and extremely safe. These apartments are generally in high-rise buildings and always have 24-hour doormen. We place interns only in the safest neighbourhoods to ensure that they also feel comfortable going and coming from their apartments freely.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a number of frequently asked questions compiled by our Pave team based on past enquires from parents sending their child on an internship program. If you have any questions or queries you wish to discuss further then please feel free to Contact Us.

Pre-departure Details

What can I do to prepare my child for interning aboard?

While it can be stressful to see your child leave on a big adventure, bear in mind that this will be an amazing opportunity for them to grow both personally and professionally! The best thing you can do for your child during this time is provide them with your moral support and encouragement. Additionally, it is good to familiarise yourself with our website so you know what to expect from your child’s experience in India.

What is included in the cost of the internship program?

The Pave program is a comprehensive package that covers your child’s stay for the duration of the internship, visa processing, insurance, travel to and from work, business and cultural training, weekend trips and 24/7 support from our Pave team in India. The only additional costs that your child incurs are his/her flights, food and maybe some personal travel and souvenirs!

What makes Pave’s internship program stand out?

Pave stands out amongst other programs as the only bespoke internship provider in India. Our program is a high-quality, all inclusive experience—from the companies we partner with, to your child’s living experience, to our staff and our internship curriculum—we aim to provide your child with the best possible experience at work and in India.

How is an internship abroad advantageous for my child’s career?

At Pave, it is our mission to provide your child with an experience of personal and professional development. We work hard to partner with organisations that will provide your child with a challenging yet nurturing professional environment. Your child will get an immense amount of professional responsibility and be pushed to grow in the workplace from day one. This type of international work experience is vital in setting your child apart once they return home to the job market, or if they decide to pursue a career that takes them abroad.

In India

How do I contact my child in India?

Pave will provide you with contact information for your child before their departure for India. We will let you know the address and telephone number of their service apartment, the telephone number that they will be given upon arrival, and our in-country staff’s phone number. Your child will also have Wi-Fi at their apartment and Internet access at work. We suggest that you download Skype or Google Hangouts so that you can communicate with your child for free over the Internet. You can also make inexpensive calls from your Skype account to your child’s telephone in India.

Will my child be safe and have the support he/she needs during the internship?

Overall, living and working in India is very safe. At Pave, we do our best to ensure that your child’s experience is safe, comfortable and extremely enjoyable. We will equip your child with the knowledge necessary to stay safe during their time in India. We are also always available to them, and to you, in case any situations arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a number of frequently asked questions compiled by our Pave team based on past enquires from parents sending their child on an internship program. If you have any questions or queries you wish to discuss further then please feel free to Contact Us.

Why Pave?

Pave provides students and graduates with value adding internships in India that help them grow personally and professionally and be ready for the job market. Our internships are a once in a lifetime opportunity that will expose your child to an international work environment, immerse them in Eastern culture, and help them develop skills that will set them apart from their peers.

Unlike other internship providers, your child has the autonomy to choose the internship they wish to apply for based upon their particular career aspirations. Further, we can provide advice and support based on their needs and talents when choosing the most suitable internship with an international company, a private Indian business, a social enterprise or a non-profit whose needs are also best suited to match theirs to ensure a mutually beneficial experience. Our partner organisations are handpicked and provide them with a challenging and dynamic, yet nurturing and supportive, work environment.

Pave is committed to ensuring that your child’s internship experience is as smooth and successful as possible. Our all-inclusive package makes the transition to life in a new country seem easy and our staff are there at every step of the way. We know that your child will walk away from this experience with newly found skills and a renewed sense-of-self that future employers are sure to spot!


Funding Opportunities

In addition to competitions, we offer scholarships to any successful applicant with a clear financial need and passion about developing.


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