We endeavour to make our internships accessible to all students by building strong relationships with universities. We are also keen to continue building partnerships with organisations looking to host interns.


Pave is committed to developing all students and graduates personally and professionally through our bespoke internships abroad. Employers look for graduates who not only display academic excellence but also traverse borders, understand cultures, operate in global contexts, have the skills to deliver at the workplace and be the potential for future business leaders of the company. Our strong corporate relations, knowledge and expertise in India allow us to provide tailored internships to benefit students, which are valued by employers today.

In order to make our internships accessible to students, we actively seek to build long-term relations with universities across the UK wanting to prepare their students to become job-ready graduates. We ensure that our internships are high quality for your students striving to gain vital and relevant experience abroad to a wide range of career aspirations thus making them more employable. We also work closely with universities to deliver internship programs that meet their eligibility criteria and are accredited as part of their existing university degree.

Already working in close partnership with universities and receiving positive feedback gives us confidence that our internships are a success.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with Pave and our partnership with them has been a great success. It has provided students with valuable international experience alongside personal and professional development opportunities, proving to be an excellent platform for students as they embark on their careers.”

Ben Hughes, Vice-Principal (Academic Delivery), Pearson College

If you are interested in finding out more and discussing the possibilities of working together at your university, please Contact Us.

Host Organisations

Pave operates an international internship service for talented and driven young adults with multinational, private or state-owned corporations in India.

We are proud to have strong relationships with our current organisations that are extremely impressed with the high quality, competent and motivated interns we send them on a rolling basis for a period of one, two, three or four months.

It is worth noting that applicants must meet our high expectation standards through our two-stage application process. At the first stage, we will screen their online application form and CV and if successful, they will be accepted onto stage two, an interview with our staff. You will have the final say to decide if an intern is the right fit for your company.

Pave interns come at no cost and we minimise any hassle to your company by taking care of the logistics for an intern’s time in India. This includes sorting out accommodation, visa processing, insurance, travel arrangements at the airport and the support system outside of working hours in India. This takes the pressure off an intern and to solely focus their energy on learning and performing their best at your company.

If you are interested in hosting interns from Pave and want to discuss the possibilities of partnership in more detail, please Contact Us.


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Our focus is to enable enthusiastic students and graduates to intern in India. Our team is passionate about what we do and why we do it.


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