Our resources are split neatly into three sections and are designed to give more information relevant to each audience. Whilst students and graduates considering an internship with us can read more about India and the Indian lifestyle in Brief Guide To India, parents can also find out in the Parents section how they are an integral part to ensuring that their child maximises the opportunity of partaking in an internship abroad and how they can get involved. Finally, universities and host organisations can find out the benefits of working in partnership with Pave and how to get in touch in our Partners section.

About Us

Our focus is to enable enthusiastic students and graduates to intern in India. Our team is passionate about what we do and why we do it.

The Internship Package

Our all-inclusive package ensures that you are well prepared for departure and helps you settle into your internship in India.

Explore Current Internships

We offer internships all year round with reputable companies in a wide range of sectors across India.